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Nursing Jobs Abroad

How it Works:

We have associated with a recruitment agency which provides staffing solutions to most of the well known NHS Trust hospitals across United Kingdom as well as Ireland and Germany. We maintain a ready database of qualified Nurses and facilitate interviews whenever there is a Vacancy. Our services are free for Nurses.


Recruitment process

Stage 1 – Eligibility

  1. Diploma / Degree in Nursing.

  2. IELTS band 7 in each module / OET grade B in each module, within last 2 years.

  3. 1 year work experience is desirable, though there are opportunities for freshers as well.

Stage 2 – Interview

The interview can be an online interview on Skype or sometimes the Management travels to cities like Mumbai as well.

Stage 3 - CBT

This is to be completed from Home country.


Stage 4 - NMC application.

Once the CBT is done, we will apply for NMC registration.


STAGE 5: Arrival UK

One to 3 months free accommodation will be arranged by the hospital till you settle.

STAGE 6: OSCE Training

In house training will be provided by the Hospital.

STAGE 7: Registration

Once the OSCE is qualified you will be registered after which you can start working.  

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