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2015 This is the file I use to edit to convert the image to.png format, but I would like to have the image.jpg, now how could I convert the image to.jpg? private Image fullsize_: Image { public var _width: Int { get { if let width = size.width { return width } return 0 } } public var _height: Int { if let height = size.height { return height var _normal: CGImageSource { return CGImageSourceCreateWithData(data, nil)! init(cgImage: CGImage, scale: CGFloat = 1.0, orientation: CGImageOrientation) { let size: CGSize = CGSize(width: int(_fullsize_._width * scale), height: int(_fullsize_._height * scale)) let rect = CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: size.width, height: size.height) let options: [NSObject: AnyObject] = [kCGImageSourceShouldCache: true, kCGImageSourceFormatType_ItU] let source = CGImageSourceCreateWithData(data, options) let pix = CGImageSourceGetData(source, rect, options) as! Data let jpgData = NSData(data: pix, length: pix.count



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