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 About Us_ 

Joyversity is a highly professional and dedicated platform that provides easy access for Indian students to some of the most recommended educational institutions abroad, across a host of educational streams - be it management, arts, engineering or architecture or any other. We know that this is a critical and not-so-easy decision to make, and you have to make the right choice. We make it less-stressful and more en'joy'able. 


Our mission is simple - to make it easy for students to determine the country/university/institution for an UnderGraduate or Post Graduate program ( or independent courses) they wish to enrol for. 


Our solution is effective -  we work closely with a set of highly efficient associates who have been in the field of international education for over a decade, and together with them we provide you with researched and curated information based on your requirement, so that you are fully equipped to decide on the institution of your choice. We specialise in universities/institutes in countries known best for their advanced courses, facilities and infrastructure.

Samrat Kataktalware 

With an experience of 20 years in various sectors including Construction, Adventure and Education, Samrat has emerged as a dynamic individual excelling in different facets of life. An Engineer from the educational hub of India; Pune University, he has deep understanding of all branches of education, may it be Engineering, Science, Arts, Commerce, sports, Medical or Management which makes him an excellent education counselor.  He strongly believes that Education and Profession should be based on one’s interests and passion.


To be the most preferred consultant for students seeking international studies, providing them with best-researched educational choices.
To create global harmony by helping in extensive interchange of knowledge, technology, culture, lifestyles and ethnicities through students across international borders.

Honesty, professionalism, knowledge, responsibility, quality service with personal touch.

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