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Admissions abroad (Free Consultation)

How it works:

We and our associates have tie-up with more than 700 Institutes across the world in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine and many European countries for recruitment of students from India. Thus if you seek admission in any of these countries, we can assist you with the entire process of admission.



The procedure of admission will slightly differ for each country but the generalized procedure can be explained in four easy stages as follows


a. Choosing the right course, institute and country:

Our counsellors will  help you choose the right course and guide you which University/Institute and country provides the best options for study in the field of your interest with reference to your profile. Students can also get help from many  ranking systems like Times Higher Education or QS World etc. to find out the credibility of options available. Based on the students past record suitable options should be selected for application.


b. Qualifying tests and documentation:

Students have to prove their English language skills by qualifying tests like IELTS/TOEFL or PTE. In USA students have to qualify tests like SAT for undergraduate studies, GRE for Post graduate studies and GMAT for management studies. The documentation includes writing the Statement of Purpose (SOP), getting Letter of reference (LOR) from college professors and compiling all the educational records.


c. Application and acceptance:

Almost all the Universities these days facilitate easy online application and submission of all the relevant scanned documents. If selected, the student will receive an offer letter from the Institute. Student may then pay the tuition fee and accept the offer. After payment of fee the University/Institute will issue the confirmation letter.

d. Application for Visa:

Only those students who have received the confirmation letter can apply for VISA. Some countries will require a personal interview whereas some will have telephonic interviews or no interviews at all. Students have to prove their financial capability and that they are not potential immigrants to get the study VISA.

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