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Why study abroad?

Race disconnected us

Religion separated us

Politics divided us &

Wealth classified us

Although existent, the racial divide need not persist — fundamentally because the concept of “race,” itself, is merely a human invention, is unnatural, and is expendable. With the ever increasing divide amongst humans it has become a necessity to device a way to eliminate this differentiation. The youth and the budding generations can off course be the torch bearers of this change. I believe that an extensive interchange of students across borders, communities, races and religions will play a vital role in bridging the gap between us humans. Students should move out from their comfort zone to mingle with different communities and discover the way to establish peace and harmony.

Apart from the bigger picture there are several benefits of studying abroad as follows

1. World class education

The prime and the most significant advantage of studying abroad is that you get to experience a completely new education system which might be much more advanced. We are all aware of the technological advancements in Countries like USA, UK, Germany and Japan, though matching the same looks like a distant dream but learning the same will definitely be possible.

2. Great career opportunities

Another major reason why one should contemplate studying abroad is the plethora of career opportunities available in the developing as well as developed countries. A simple reference can be taken from the population densities of different countries as compared to that of India. India currently stands at 412 people per sq kms whereas USA has 36, Canada has 4 and Australia has merely 3 people per sq kms. Obviously these countries not only have opportunities but are also highly welcoming for immigration.

3. Explore the world

Off course an obvious reason why one should consider studying in foreign lands. You get a chance to explore the country where you study at the same time if it happens to be a Schengen country then you get to explore almost 26 nations across Europe. You will experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities.

4. Make international friends and expand your network.

One of the most common reasons for studying abroad. As part of your degree studies, you’ll collaborate with other students from all over the world, connecting you with an interesting and diverse new peer group and a professional network that spans the globe. The friends you meet abroad will become part of your network for life. Along with building rewarding personal friendships, the connections you make are the most valuable asset you can have in your professional life.

5. Earn while you learn, earn higher when you are done.

The absolutely wonderful culture of earning your own expenses while you are studying is a unique salient feature of studying abroad. Students being allowed to work 20 hours a week can easily earn and save as well, to cover their expenditure. A simple comparison between the value of Dollar to Indian Rupee will also give you an Idea on how high could be your earnings after education.

6. Developing a better understanding of other cultures

Instead of watching on TV or reading about it, will it not be fun to understand a new culture by practically living it? Moreover you may also get to learn a new language.

The merits of studying overseas are endless and so are the opportunities, all you need to do is take your first step, call us at Joyversity.

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